Intuitive, creative entrepreneurs, like us, struggle with formulas, we can’t seem to get them right and no matter how perfectly we implement them, they never seem to work. What’s the deal?

Intuitive entrepreneurs often feel like failures, struggle, destroy their happiness, destroy their body and kill their money flows when they are pushing and forcing themselves to do business like everyone else. We often see marketing that entices us to “follow the formulas”, “do the latest, hottest trend”, “push to create like everyone else” ...all the while not acknowledging our creative genius, brilliance and intuition.

Are you really a trend follower, or are you the artist of your business?

Is following someone’s formula leading to overwhelm, burnout, disease, loss of joy and happiness in your life? Keeping you from sharing your gifts, and creating a world only you know is possible?  What else is possible?

Are you ready to truly know what
you know? And be the brilliance the
world has been waiting for?


Yes, I said it. Intuition is your most valuable asset. What could your business be like if you were able to let all doubt go, follow your knowing, trust your senses and go for it? What could you create if you used the universal principles to your advantage? What would your business be like if you trusted you? Every intuitive entrepreneur I’ve met have the same 5 qualities: They are brilliant, see a different world to be possible, have a desire to change their life and world, they never felt like they fit in, they naturally do things differently. Is this you? Then you are not designed to follow a formula. That’s like painting by numbers!

You, as an entrepreneur, are not being asked the most vital question:

What do you know?


For crazy unicorns who are ready to ignite their magic, and create new realities, Cory Michelle is the magic activator that empowers you to create what you know is possible without following someone else’s formula or rules.

fun, brilliant,

Over the years I have chosen individual coaching sessions, group business calls, Money calls, the School of Creation and so much more with Cory Michelle. How did I get so lucky to be facilitated by a woman who helped me become aware of what was or wasn't working for me and is willing to do whatever it takes to support me in creating more. She is so fun and personable and all has a potency that if you are willing to change shit, she will use it to knock your socks off! I love that Cory Michelle walks her talk, she uses the tools she shares. She is willing to have it all and is going for it! Thanks Cory Michelle for being such an inspiration!
- Laurie Larson

Cory Michelle has invited me into being way more of me I ever knew was possible. She is not only tenacious in her desire for everyone she meets to have more, she has no point of view about what you choose. As well, her playful, enthusiastic, strong business knowing has fired me up as well and now I am excited to say that I have turned my creations up BIG TIME. Cory does not stop! And it is not fluff. She has solid steps to move past limitations and work in the business world in ways that are easeful AND joyful. Whenever I work or connect with Cory she stirs a ‘hell yes’ in me that I too can and will create greater immediately. Her generous spirit and knowing that we can have it all has forever changed the way I am showing up. Cory I am so incredibly grateful to have you in my life, on my radio station and someone who I can call a massive mover and shaker that I know personally!!! Thank you Cory! - Christine McIver

"Tenacious, playful, enthusiastic."

love, light."

Cory Michelle is an incredible facilitator who assists others in creating further awareness, expansion and MAGIC in their lives through releasing judgments and fixed points of view, and she does so with laughter, love and light. I'm so grateful to have experienced her in person, and I'd recommend her Access classes, podcasts and her Crazy Possible experiment to anyone who desires to create more possibility in their life.
- Jennifer Marco